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!!!WARNING!!! This site contains
information you may not want to see if you are
reading the  
Spin the Bottle series,   All That Sparkles
Isn't Real Sapphire,  I Don't Want the Rest of Your
Life,  Everything Happens for a Reason...,  Love
Means Zero,  Living in a Postcard, or want to read
any of those books before reading this book. (It is
definitely okay to read this book first and then read
the others.)
A Stranger Thing and this website are
about Lorylyn's, Kylar's, Jansen's, and Zibby's lives and
loves after moving away from Irvine, Indiana, where
they went to college. This website is based on where
the characters are in life and what relationships
they are in during
A Stranger Thing, from May 2009
through June 2010. This website will not give spoilers
for the book, but may tell or imply how some
relationships from other books have turned out.
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A plane ticket to New York with an anonymous note: “Please come. I
need to talk to you and I have a surprise for you.” A scandalous
engagement. A long-sought-after answer that was once of ultimate
importance but will now have unforeseen consequences. Two nearly
decade-long relationships dissolving in hours. Sightings of a little girl who
may or may not exist. A photograph titled From Budapest With Love. An
international murder with ties surprisingly close to home.

It’s not exactly what Lorylyn Porter, Kylar Landell, Jansen Montgomery,
and Zibby Ainsley had in mind when they came up with the motto
“new year, new lives, new guys.” But as Lorylyn, Zibby, and Zibby’s
husband DJ move to Denver and Kylar and Jansen settle in Chicago,
they will all encounter the unexpected. From a family emergency to the
fallout of an emergency room disaster, from a letter with a shocking
return address to a troubling analysis of a psychological test, each girl’s
life will irreversibly change in a matter of days.

And while “new guys” isn’t so accurate, except maybe for Lorylyn’s
roommate Taylor, who consistently dates two or three guys at once, it is
definitely a new year and a new life for each of the girls…a year in
which strangers will become fast friends, and the oldest of friends will
suddenly find themselves little more than strangers.
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