about me:

full name: savannah alysa dussel
birthday: september 15, 1982
hometown: logan, indiana
height: 5'8
hair: black
eyes: green
high school: brinkley-caldwell high school class of '01, but went to west
side in logan for my freshman and sophomore years and part of my junior
college: irelan university
majors: management
career goal: vice-pres or pres of a company
siblings: older sister
pets: none
best friends: some people i have met at irelan have kinda replaced my
best friends from west side cuz i spend every day w/ them now...
suitemates: for freshman year?? ppl not in the book
boyfriend: no boyfriend, it's more fun that way ;)
favorite tv show: melrose place
favorite drink: anything
favorite color: black and white
favorite things to do: party!!! ;)
obsessions: ???...if i have any i won't admit them i guess ;)
the celeb who looks most like me and should play me in a movie
would be:
nina dobrev
current theme songs: "freshmen" by the verve pipe
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