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8 ½ years, that’s how long i’ve waited
for you to show any emotion
for your hard heart to feel
for something more than a glimpse in the dark
of something like love you try to block out

times like when we got tattoos
or when you said you’d wanna marry me
made the wait worthwhile, though they were far & few
w/ a deep black abyss in between

it was enough for me for a while
i refused to see we were destined to fail
it was my fault but it was easy to do
when i was looking at you through a veil

8 ½ years, that’s how long it’s taken
for you to show another side
for me to feel your tears
for something else to click into place
something that for so long i couldn’t face

you called yourself a failure
and i told you that in my mind you weren’t
but i was lying, my sight was one big blur
you fail me all the time and it hurts

it’s not enough for me anymore
i can see we’re destined to fail
and now i see it’s not me after all
you’re the one looking through a veil

1 night, that’s how long it took
for my moment of clarity
for me to be over you
for something they like to call closure
to somehow fight through the blur

the veil you’ve been looking through
is the absolute opposite of mine
i wanted the best that a veil represents
yours is the shrouded masked hiding kind

it’s not enough for me anymore
and that’s your biggest fail
passing up the best thing that could’ve happened to you
by looking at me through a veil

written by kylar landell
© daisy jordan 2014
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