"writing you off"
this journal says your name on the front
but the 1st thing i wrote in it was about another guy
and i’m pretty happy about that
i guess it’s cuz he makes me want to remember
and w/ you there’s way more i’d rather forget
i’ve known you for 5 years now
and i think i know you pretty well
i used to like thinking you were scared to admit
you liked me more than you’d ever tell
a lot of the time i still do think
i’m the perfect girl for you
but lately i’ve come to realize
you’re not what i’m looking for
see, you don’t know me at all
you never cared to look close enough
you don’t even know how often you’ve hurt me
so today i’m writing you off

the only part of me you see
is an act you want to believe
an act i put on day after day
so you’ll think you & i see things the same way
but i guess i can’t totally blame you
cuz i usually see what i want in you too
like signs that tell me you subconsciously love me
even though a lot of the time you’re a jerk
signs like how i’m your friend & the one you come back to
so maybe in the end it’ll work
well that was stupid and i’m done wasting time
making my life about you
it’s such a relief to have finally decided
that you & i are through
i’m sick of you, i hate your games
i’m done waiting around to call your bluff
i no longer even care if you do love me
so today i’m writing you off

the saddest thing of all is that
you wouldn’t even care about this song
i wish i could tell you, i want you to know
how i loved you for that long
and how now i’ve had better and finally know
w/ you i was missing out all along
i can’t believe i ever really thought
our relationship was so strong
what kind of friends are we anyway?
really not that great
when i think about all that we’ve been through
i wouldn’t mind just throwing it away
when we’re no longer roomies i doubt we’ll stay friends
and i don’t think i’ll miss you a lot
cuz even though this song is about you
my life is now definitely not

my friend got me this journal
cuz it says your name on the front
funny that the first time i wrote about you
it’s only cuz i’m writing you off

written by kylar landell
© daisy jordan 2011
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