Living in a Postcard
In May 2007, two photographs drastically
changed the course of Hilton Joliet’s life.
Now, twenty months later, the wild ride
hasn’t stopped. It’s a new year of jetting off
to a different location each week, hanging
with the best tennis players in the world,
taking the scandalous pictures of them her
boss at
Game Set Match magazine loves
her for, and finally starting to work on her
book, which will document one year in her
life through pictures and places and be
Living in a Postcard, a term Hilton
and her best friend Jill coined to represent
living in the moments they would die for.  

For Hilton, that’s what 2009 is all about.
After spending the off season adjusting to
the end of her seven-year relationship with
her boyfriend Luke, who is still her roommate,
Hilton rejoins the tennis tour ready to have
the time of her life with her two favorite
players, bad-boy-turned-actually-kind-of-
funny-hookup-buddy Haidin Bayliss and her
best friend on tour Tanner Bruin, the guy
who might be perfect for her if she were a
little more over Luke and he were ready for
something more serious than a six-month

Sundance, Utah, the opening location for
Hilton's book, provides a week of hot tub
parties and laughter-filled twists and
tumbles down the slopes. But it’s not long
before the twists and tumbles look
dreadfully different. Hilton’s no-strings-
attached fun with Haidin takes a confusing
turn, Tanner drops a bomb about his
girlfriend Austin, and Hilton withholds the
biggest tennis story of the year from
GSM in
a failed attempt to protect a friend. In the
midst of her boss’s fury, one player’s
maddening slump, a season-halting injury,
an encounter with a ghost from the past,
and the disturbing moment of realizing the
actual postcard that is her life no longer
matches the image in her head, Hilton
manages to find another explosive story
that will save her job. But all along she’s
been missing the most unexpected, and yet
maybe the most obvious, story of all, one
that will once again drastically change her
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