hilton joliet
Age: 24
Birthdate: 07/17/1982
Birthplace: Logan, IN
Residence: Dale, IN
World Ranking: well I would love to be a
highly ranked photographer some day!
Height: 5'6
Plays: tennis, occasionally
Sponsor: Arden said her PR firm will rep
me when I get famous ;)
Racquet: my old one from high school, a
Hobbies: photography, traveling,
watching and playing tennis, having a
great time w/ my best friends :D
Interesting Facts: I work in a portrait
studio in the town where I went to
college, but I want to publish books of my
pictures someday. My boyfriend Luke and
I have been together almost 6 years, and
we live w/ our best friends Jill and Todd
and their daughter Adria! And I'm kind of
an obsessive tennis fan. ;)
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