kelsey johnson
Age: 23
Birthdate: 05/03/1984
Birthplace: Brinkley, IN
Residence: New York, NY
World Ranking: I don't want to be
famous! I wouldn't mind dating a famous
guy though. :)
Height: 5'1
Plays: badass drums on Rockband
Sponsor: Arden! She gets me into all the
best parties. :)
Racquet: my wii tennis one
Hobbies: exploring New York, being lazy,
laying out, taking days off work :)
Interesting Facts: Well I feel like my life
really hasn't been too interesting lately...I
graduated from Brown and now I live in
New York City. I have a studio loft in
SoHo that I can't afford and I go to lots of
cool parties w/ my friend Arden who's a
publicist. Ok, so I guess maybe it's been a
little more interesting than I thought... :)
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