todd blake
Age: 24
Birthdate: 09/06/1982
Birthplace: Caldwell, IN
Residence: Dale, IN
World Ranking: just the coolest person
you'll ever meet
Height: 6'1
Plays: whatever my clients want...I'm a
personal trainer
Sponsor: for now I guess it's Dale Fitness,
but I hope to be out on my own someday
Racquet: whatever's in the equipment
room at the gym
Hobbies: being w/ my AWESOME
girlfriend Jill and our gorgeous daughter
Adria. :) teasing Jill to no end...and let's
see...oh yeah just having a great time
Interesting Facts: I went to Eastern but
now I work and live at Dale...aaahhh I'm
a huge traitor, sometimes I find it hard to
live w/ myself!!!!!!!!! Totally kidding. I'm a
huge tease. Jill has wanted me hard core
since 9th grade. :D
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