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Game Set Match is a magazine dedicated
to all the most exciting tennis action...on
AND off the court! Come here for your
weekly dose of the hottest tennis drama!
Hot Pics!
Aubrey Gage and
Austin Delks, Gage's
costar for this fall's
highly anticipated
NYC, hit up
Dolce & Gabbana
on NYC's Madison
Avenue July 11,
Left: Adams at age
14 in the September
1998 issue of
, her first
magazine shot
then & now!
Right: As featured in
L'Art de la Mode"
(translation: "The
Art of Fashion")
spread in March
2007's French
Vogue. Adams said
of the shoot, "It was
my favorite photo
shoot. I loved the
colors they put in
my hair, I loved the
clothes, and I loved
the concept of the
spread. I got to
choose which
medium I wanted
for my photos. Oil
painting is my
passion, and oils are
usually the ones I'm
most attracted to
in galleries and
museums as well, so
I chose that. It was
so much fun."
Austin Delks and Aubrey Gage hung at
the grand opening of
SINY on Labor Day
Weekend 2007 in NYC. Where was Gage's
boyfriend, tennis bad boy Haidin Bayliss,
recently dubbed "Hades" by
GSM? He was
there that night; he and Gage walked
the red carpet together and were seen
talking to Nick Lachey and Vanessa
Minnillo, but he was later MIA. Let's hope
he wasn't pulling a repeat of Rome while
Aubrey was in the same bar...that would
NOT fall under the provisions of the
Code Rule
Jill Sherer, Hilton Joliet, Bryony
Adams, and Rory Bollier (below,
from left) graced Tanner Bruin's box
at his third-round French Open
match on Court Philippe Chatrier at
Roland Garros May 31, 2008 in Paris.
GameSetMatch presents
A beginner’s guide to tennis

A tennis match is divided into either 3 or 5 sets. To
win a match, a player must win either 2 sets (in a
best-of-3 match) or 3 sets (in a best-of-5 match).

To win a set, a player must win 6 games. The
player must win the set by at least 2 games
(example: 6-2).

To win a game, a player must score 4 points and
win by at least 2. The scoring, however, does not
go 1, 2, 3, 4. It goes as follows:

love = 0 points
15 = 1 point
30 = 2 points
40 = 3 points

There is no specific name for the 4th point,
because as soon as someone wins it, the game is
over, unless the score going into that point was
tied at 40-40. If the players are tied at 3 points
apiece, or 40-40, this is called deuce. Whoever
wins the next point after the deuce has the
advantage. If this player wins the next point as
well, he/she wins the game. If the player who
does not have the advantage wins the next
point, the score returns to deuce. This goes on
until someone wins the game.

If the score reaches 6 games to 5 in a set,
another game is played. If the score is then 7-5,
the set is over. If the score is then 6-6, a
tiebreaker, or “breaker,” is played. To win the
tiebreaker, a player must score 7 points and win
by at least 2 (example: 7-4). In the tiebreaker the
score simply goes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and so on. If
the score is tied at 6-6, 7-7, or higher, the game
goes on until one player wins by 2 (example: 12-
10). The winner of the tiebreaker wins the set 7
games to 6, or 7-6.

In 3 major tournaments—the Australian Open,
the French Open, and Wimbledon—tiebreakers
are not allowed in the 5th set of matches.
Therefore, if players are tied at 6 games apiece
in the 5th set, they will continue playing normal
games until one player has won by 2. The longest
5th set to ever be played was at Wimbledon in
2010, when John Isner of the US beat Nicolas
Mahut of France 70-68 in the 5th set of their 1st-
round match.

Scores of matches are written and announced
as follows in this example:

“Player 1 d. Player 2: 6-4, 5-7, 7-6(1), 7-6(8).”

The numbers in parentheses () tell the scores of
the tiebreakers. The number shown in
parentheses is the number of points scored by
the player who
lost the tiebreaker. Given this
number, it can be determined how many the
winner scored as well, since it is known the
winner must score at least 7 and win by at least

So, here is what can be interpreted from the
above score:
1) Player 1 defeated Player 2.
2) This was a best-of-5 match, because Player 1
had to win 3 sets to win the match.
3) Player 1 won the 1st set 6 games to 4, lost the
2nd set 5 games to 7, and won the 3rd and 4th
sets in tiebreakers.
4) In the 3rd-set tiebreaker, the losing player
(Player 2) scored only 1 point. Therefore, it can
be deduced that Player 1 scored 7 points since 7
points must be scored in order to win.
5) In the 4th-set tiebreaker, the losing player
(Player 2) scored 8 points. This means Player 1
had to have scored 10 points, since the
tiebreaker must be won by 2.

At the beginning of a match, a coin flip is
performed to see who will serve the first game.
The other player serves the second game, and
they continue to switch back and forth every
game of the match. Typically, players win the
games they serve. Every time this happens, it is
called a
hold. Players are said to have “held
.” If a player is able to win a game while
the other player is serving, it is called a
break. The
player who lost the game he/she served has
been broken.” The following are some terms that
go along with serving.

up a break: a player is ahead in the set
because he/she has broken the other player’s
serve (“up 2 breaks” would mean a player has
broken the other player twice in the set, and so

down a break: a player is behind in the set
because he/she has been broken (“down 2
breaks” would mean a player has been broken
twice in the set, and so on)

on serve: no one has broken in the set; each
player has held his/her own serve in every game

back on serve: each player has broken the
other player an equal number of times in the set,
so that the score is what it would be if each
player had held his/her serve in every game

trade breaks: one player breaks, then the other
player breaks back so that the score is back on

fault: a player’s serve does not land within the
service lines on the court

2nd serve: after a fault, the player’s 2nd try to
serve the ball within the service lines

double-fault: a player serves 2 faults in a row
and therefore loses the point

let: a player serves and the ball hits the net on
the way over but still lands within the service
lines—the player then gets a free do-over

We don’t expect you to remember all of this, but
feel free to use it as a guide, tear it out to keep
by your TV when you watch tennis, refer to it
while reading
GSM, use it to improve your tennis
lingo, etc. If you do take one thing from this how-
to, just remember…
love won’t help your game in
this sport.
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Oscar Nominated!!!
Aubrey Gage scored her first Academy
nod for the wildly controversial 2008 film
Cigarettes, Cocaine, Coffee.
Left, Gage at the
Jan. 11, 2009
Golden Globe
Awards in Beverly
Hills. Right, as model
Emma Miller in
Cocaine, Coffee
NYC's MoMA hosted the 1st Annual Go Green
party on Feb. 8, 2009, and many of
favorites were in attendance! It was a night
of world-class art and fashion with all benefits
going to the city's environmental protection
efforts, including the purchase of hybrid cabs
and the modernization of buildings to be
more eco-friendly!
Austin Delks (left) and Aubrey
Gage attended with their
NYC costar Telan Gangley,
who is also Gage's current
fling. Where was Delks'
boyfriend Tanner Bruin? In
Johannesburg, South Africa,
getting ready for his final
against Fernando Verdasco!
Delks watched it live at 6 a.m.
the morning after the Go
Green party with Hilton Joliet
and Bryony Adams (see next
GSM photographer Hilton
Joliet (left) attended the fête
with Bryony Adams (Tanner
Bruin's ex-girlfriend!), who was
there as a model for
Givenchy! Adams wore a
one-of-a-kind gown made
especially for the Go Green
party. The two ended the
night by heading to Austin
Delks' apartment and staying
up till 8 a.m. to watch Bruin's
Johannesburg final!
The party planners? None
other than NYC's Riesling
and Wellesley, who
GSM's New
Year's Eve 2008 party at

NY! Above, Arden
Worthington, a RiesWell
employee who helped
with both parties, and
looked stunning at both
as well! (She also once
made out with Nate
Best Friends at
Austin Delks (left) and
Hilton Joliet hit the Best
Friends adoption event at
the Sundance Film Festival
in Park City, Utah January
17, 2009! Over 200 animals
found new homes!!!
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living in a postcard
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meet the characters -
only may in paris will tell
Bryony Adams and Nate Young joked
around at the 3rd Annual Tanner's Best
Friends in Aspen, CO December 12, 2009.
"I'm usually saying something stupid and
offensive," Young said. "It's the normal
state of things," Adams agreed with a
laugh. "No, I'm just kidding," she added.
"Nate's actually not that bad." Could he
even be...a secret sweetheart?! Hours
later, to the delight of the crowd, he bid
$20,000 on an adorable 88-year-old
woman in the guest date auction!
Aubrey Gage and Austin Delks attended
the LA premiere of Gage's new film
February 6, 2010. This was Gage's first
public appearance since her November
courthouse "revengenda" in Indianapolis.
While she had only glib comments
regarding her traumatic past few months
and her relationships with
NYC costars
Telan Gangley and Ryan Calder and her
cousin Whitney Gray, she was happy to
talk about the new film, which she said is
"a true work of art."
Hot doubles team - and
couple! - Aleks Drovic and
Milena Novikova flew from
their home in Taos, NM to
attend an environmental
benefit in LA September 18,
2009. The blonde beauties
have been a rock-solid team
on and off the court for 4
Bryony Adams and Hilton
Joliet hit the blackjack
tables and took their
chances on roulette at
the Monte Carlo Bay
Resort and Casino in
Monaco April 12, 2010.
Also along? Nate Young
and Tanner Bruin (not
not like
paradise trilogy