Only four other people (besides Robert) know of the existence of what I took from the
Mistress Suite that day, and three of them are dead.

“…doesn’t know about Anabelle.”

“It is coming true.”

Words. Some written in a diary in 1973, others tidbits of whispered conversations. They’
re the final puzzle pieces in the deeply hidden, never-recorded-in-the-Magic-8-Ball history
of the Circles of Eight, a secret society whose current members may practically claw each
other’s eyes out in their battle to reign as Master and Mistress, but whose past is built on
witchcraft, betrayal, and murder. And those words are the only clues Jansen and Jason

Warned away from the Vermont house but issued a challenge involving the biggest
deception and illusion to ever hit the Circles, Jansen and Jason embark on a chase for
answers and inspiration. From a tiny apartment in Paris to a nameless dance studio
housed in a former Bowery flophouse, from the secret rooms of some of New York’s
oldest buildings to the city’s exclusive and elusive underground club scene, and, finally,
from a long-abandoned subway station to a deserted insane asylum, they, along with
Hersh, Clint, Kella, and Taylan, attempt to rewrite the past, present, and future of the
Circles…using spells, ghosts, and the Circles’ founders…mysterious twins Jonathan and
Anabelle Townsend, thought dead for decades.

In the aftermath, Jansen, Jason, and the others must come to terms with a new reality, test
the boundaries of their friendships, and decide what the future holds. And Jansen and
Jason must answer what could be the most defining question of their lives…what will
Paradise look like now?
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