clint everly
about me:
full name: clint ethan everly
birthday: july 14
school: fifth avenue prep
summer house: my dad's yacht and the mediterranean :D
parents:  larry everly and cindy tremont
siblings: no full siblings, my half-siblings are magnolia,
johnny, and james, my mom's kids w/ her 2nd husband
pets: none
best friends:  hersh,  jason,  jansen
relationship status: in a relationship w/  brynn ralson
drink of choice: scotch, tequila shots, whiskey and coke
drug of choice: any. gimme it
biggest secret: apparently my mom knows witchcraft and
used it to stop  
jansen's mom from murdering her. also my
mom was a mistress of the circles of 8
favorite hobby: hooking up w/ brynn, hanging out at red
my parents would die if they knew: don't think anything
would cause my dad much shock, or even much of a
reaction at all. my mom...well, she already knows i know
about her past. but she probably wouldn't like that i do

the biggest pandora's box
i open in this book is:

*maybe who i go w/ to  summer's sweet 16 party...
although i really think it helps a couple situations more
than hurts. also holding onto my mom's secrets feels like a
pandora's box, but i'm not really releasing the info to
anyone else, so not sure if that counts
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