corbin hershey
about me:
full name: corbin benjamin hershey
birthday: april 27
school: fifth avenue prep
summer house: martha's vineyard, massachusetts
parents:  benjamin and  dalia hershey
siblings: soon to be  justin...he is due in a couple months!
i'm gonna be a bomb-ass big brother
pets: none
best friends:  jason,  clint,  jansen
relationship status: in a relationship w/  tierney
drink of choice: anything at all
drug of choice: coke, ecstasy, adderall, ghb, take your
pick. probably my favorite fallback though is coke
biggest secret: it doesn't specifically have to do w/ me,
but what we just learned in south carolina about  
jansen's mom trying to murder  clint's mom. pretty awful
favorite hobby: playing soccer or lacrosse, hanging at
red sulfur, hooking up w tierney
my parents would die if they knew: the amount of drugs i
do (or that i do them at all), probably also the shit that's
gone down in the circles

the biggest pandora's box
i open in this book is:

*wellllll, i guess that would probably be how i go from
one girl right to another...and they happen to be best
friends (hey, not my problem...can't help who i'm
attracted to) ;)
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