jansen montgomery
about me:
full name: jansen georgia montgomery
birthday: march 18
school: park avenue academy
summer house: east hampton, ny (puke, i'd so much
rather be traveling around europe w/  
jas and his fam)
parents:  scarlett and  frederick montgomery, but i HATE
them. like seriously HATE. they are awful people,
especially my mom
siblings: none
pets:  jäger (technically she lives w/ jas, but she's just as
much mine)
best friends: jason,  hersh,  clint
relationship status: in a relationship w/ jas...he's my best
ever :D
drink of choice: vodka tonic, death in the afternoon
drug of choice: coke, ghb, adderall, ectasy (but only w/
biggest secret: it seems like a joke that at the
beginning of
urban legends i would've said my
sapphire ring. now i don't even know where to
begin...there are so many. but obviously the biggest is
that my mom tried to murder clint's mom  
cindy 15
years ago...and she doesn't even remember it >:O
favorite hobby: traveling w/ jason...anytime, anywhere,
or really anything w/ jason, hanging w/ the boys at red
sulfur or clint's hot tub
my parents would die if they knew: ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!...the
ridiculous shit i know about them!!!

the biggest pandora's box
i open in this book is:

*hmmm, i can think of like 10?? but don't wanna give
any spoilers, so i'll just say my continued search into the
secrets of the circles of 8...and i guess i just opened a
pandora's box by mentioning that here, huh? oops
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