jason auerbach
about me:
full name: jason michael auerbach
birthday: october 2
school: fifth avenue prep
summer house: whatever hotels/villas in europe we stay
in for a month every summer
parents:  corinne and  jacob auerbach
siblings:  kella auerbach
pets:  jäger and  brownie
best friends:  jansen, hersh, and clint
relationship status: in a relationship w/ the most beautiful
girl ever, jansen
drink of choice: tequila shots, vodka tonic, whiskey and
coke, death in the afternoon
drug of choice: coke or whatever else, ecstasy if i'm w/
jansen ;)
biggest secret: probably what jansen found out about  
her mom in south carolina
favorite hobby: traveling or really doing anything w/
jansen, playing soccer in central park, hanging at red
my parents would die if they knew: jansen's mom tried to
clint's mom, clint's mom stopped the murder
attempt using witchcraft then published a book about
it. and my dad might die if he knew my mom's in a
secret society. oh, and that jans and i are having sex.
you know, just a few small things

the biggest pandora's box
i open in this book is:

*probably helping jans figure out what all went down in
the circles' past, especially figuring out my mom's past
secrets, even though she warns us to stop
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