summer lindley
about me:
full name: summer rose lindley
birthday: june 5
school: park avenue academy
summer house: east hampton, ny
parents: gary and christine lindley
siblings: elizabeth lindley (she's already in college)
pets: 2 dogs and 1 cat
best friends:  jansen,  tierney,  taylan
relationship status: hooking up w/  peter jeffries ;)
drink of choice: vodka tonic, champagne
drug of choice: coke
biggest secret: i pretend i'm totally fine just hooking up w/
peter, but i really wish we would actually date again. i
like him SO much
favorite hobby: hooking up w/ peter, gossiping w/ my
friends before school or on the met steps, laying out in
central park, tennis
my parents would die if they knew: i've slept w/ both peter
collin (my ex from freshman year) and when i tell
them i'm hanging w/ jansen, tierney, or taylan, at least
2/3 of the time i'm actually going to hook up w/ peter :D

the biggest pandora's box
i open in this book is:

*ummmm...probably one of my dating decisions...aka
hooking up w/ a friend's ex pretty soon after the breakup
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