Jansen has long resented her conceited parents, their money-and-social-
standing-mean-everything attitudes, and the pretentious tennis-club and
Hamptons-parties lifestyle they push on her. But after learning her mom,
Scarlett, tried to murder Clint’s mom, Cindy, Jansen’s resentment turns to a
hatred she has no idea how she’ll conceal.

As she, Clint, Jason, and Hersh reel in the wake of their discovery, everything
feels surreal to Jansen. The inane love lives of her school friends, nights out at
Red Sulfur, the dangerous need for a high that continuously requires more and
more stimulation to attain, and even the sordid past of the Circles of Eight. It is
only with the boys she feels like her true self, especially in the world she and
Jason have created when it’s just the two of them, a mystical yet very real
Paradise, their “best ever.”

But when a long-awaited revelation hits Jansen out of the blue, she snaps out
of her foggy reverie and, along with Jason, throws herself deeper into
uncovering the mysteries of the Circles of Eight. The trail leads away from her
mom’s murder attempt fifteen years ago and takes Jansen and Jason back
ten years earlier, to the childhood of Jason’s mom, Corinne.

Despite warnings they are opening a treacherous Pandora’s box, Jansen and
Jason set out to connect the clues littered across Corinne’s and the Circles’
intertwining pasts. An old diary hidden in a bookshelf, a boy named Robert, a
letter that can’t be found, an unknown object of dire importance, a forgotten
summer house in Vermont. And, ultimately, questions Corinne seems
determined to leave unanswered.
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