clint everly
about me:
full name: clint ethan everly
birthday: july 14
school: fifth avenue prep
summer house: my dad's yacht and the mediterranean :D
parents:  larry everly and cindy tremont
siblings: half-siblings i've never met, i don't even know
their names
pets: none
best friends:  hersh, jason, jansen
relationship status: single
drink of choice: scotch
drug of choice: coke
biggest secret: i kinda hate how my dad dates a bunch of
different women all the time and barely seems to care
about me
favorite hobby: hanging out w/ friends, i guess
my parents would die if they knew: i don't really think my
dad would give a shit about anything i do, who knows
about my mom...haven't seen her since i was 6

my nyc:
never getting caught or in trouble no matter what i do
y: yacht trips around the mediterranean
c: cute girls
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