corbin hershey
about me:
full name: corbin benjamin hershey
birthday: april 27
school: fifth avenue prep
summer house: martha's vineyard, massachusetts
parents:  benjamin and dalia hershey
siblings: none...yet!
pets: none
best friends:  jason, clint, jansen
relationship status: in a relationship w/ jansen :)
drink of choice: anything at all
drug of choice: just recently started to use and really like
biggest secret: i don't really have any secrets i guess,
from my friends at least
favorite hobby: playing soccer or lacrosse, chillin w/ my
friends, hooking up w/ jans ;)
my parents would die if they knew: jansen comes over
every day after school to hook up. maybe also that i
drink, and definitely that i do coke

my nyc:
new friends and experiences, now that i'm getting
into high school
y: yes (hell yes!) to all the new experiences mentioned
c: coke supply is limitless, and anything else my friends
and i could want is right at our fingertips too
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