jansen montgomery
about me:
full name: jansen georgia montgomery
birthday: march 18
school: park avenue academy
summer house: east hampton, ny
parents:  scarlett and frederick montgomery
siblings: none
pets:  jäger (technically she lives w/ jas, but she's just as
much mine)
best friends:  jason, hersh, clint
relationship status: in a relationship w/ hersh :D
drink of choice: vodka tonic, whiskey and coke
drug of choice: coke
biggest secret: my sapphire ring
favorite hobby: my parents would want me to say tennis,
but it's obviously hanging w/ hersh, jas, and clint...doesn't
even matter where we are or what we do, we have the
best time
my parents would die if they knew: where do i even
begin?! let's see...i mess around w/ my boyfriend at his
house every day after school, i do coke, i regularly hang
out at a bar...and on and on :D

my nyc:
never-ending freedom to do what i want w/ my friends
y: young, wild, and fun ;)
c: cooperating w/ my parents' idiotic notions of what
an upper east side girl should be, at least in front of them
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