jason auerbach
about me:
full name: jason michael auerbach
birthday: october 2
school: fifth avenue prep
summer house: whatever hotels in europe we stay in for
a month every summer
parents:  corinne and jacob auerbach
siblings:  kella auerbach
pets:  jäger and brownie
best friends:  jansen, hersh, and clint
relationship status: used to date jansen but now she's w/
hersh and i'm single :p
drink of choice: tequila shots, jack and coke
drug of choice: coke
biggest secret: i still have a crush on jansen and
watching her and hersh together really blows :/
favorite hobby: playing soccer in central park, hanging
w/ jans and hersh and clint
my parents would die if they knew: probably they would
not be thrilled that i do coke

my nyc:
new places to explore/new adventures right in my
own city
y: yum...great restaurants everywhere
c: chilling w/ my best friends
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