taylan barclay
about me:
full name: taylan ashley barclay
birthday: april 12
school: park avenue academy
summer house: east hampton, ny
parents: evan and marcia barclay
siblings: my identical twin tierney :)
pets: 3 cats and a bunny
best friends: tierney, jansen, summer
relationship status: single, i haven't had a boyfriend yet
drink of choice: wine or champagne
drug of choice: i haven't tried any drugs
biggest secret: my whole personality. i don't really show it
that much to people at school, i just let them think i'm
like them
favorite hobby: reading/watching psychological thrillers
and conspiracy theories, listening to music, staying up all
night w/ tierney talking and giggling
my parents would die if they knew: nothing??...i haven't
really done anything bad. well, probably i wouldn't want
them to know i smoke

my nyc:
never a dull moment, at least in other girls' lives,
based on the stories they tell
y: yearning for something exciting to happen
c: coming into my own...i want to be a little more
outgoing and show my personality a little more
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