tierney barclay
about me:
full name: tierney amanda barclay
birthday: april 12
school: park avenue academy
summer house: east hampton, ny
parents: evan and marcia barclay
siblings:  taylan, my twin sis! :)
pets: we have 3 cats and a bunny
best friends: taylan of course, summer, jansen
relationship status: single :(
drink of choice: wine or champagne
drug of choice: haven't done any
biggest secret: i envy taylan a little bit because she
doesn't really care what other people think as much as i
do. i'm always trying to impress the older girls at school,
and sometimes i wish i had the ability or state of mind
taylan does for that to not be so important
favorite hobby: soccer, staying up all night laughing w/
taylan, hanging out w/ my friends, watching boys play
soccer and lacrosse in the park
my parents would die if they knew: that i smoke

my nyc:
nerves, about always trying to be the best and
brightest and not looking stupid in front of the older girls
and guys
y: yes to dates w/ hot boys...hopefully lots coming up
c: cutting-edge fashion
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