aubrey gage
Age: 25
Relationship Status: back w/ my ex, the one and only Haidin
Bayliss ;);)
Birthdate: 1/3/1984
Hometown: Gale, NC
Residence: New York City, NY
World Ranking: um, I was nominated for an Oscar this year. what
else do you need to know?
Height: 5'7
Plays: Misch on the TV drama NYC, Emma in Cigarettes,
Cocaine, Coffee
(2008), Kate in Love Means More than Money
(2007), and Vix in an upcoming and still-untitled 2010 film written
by Diablo Cody
Sponsor: my name speaks for itself, I don't tie myself to
anyone/anything else
Racquet: well I don't have one but if Haidin wants to play w/ his,
I could probably come up w/ some pretty fun ideas ;)
Hobbies: saying shit that will make people cringe...cuz most of
them need a little shaking up
Interesting Facts: My life is about to change in such a major way,
in 10 months I will hardly know the Aubrey I am at the start of the
book and the person I just described above. If you don't think the
pic of me in a hoodie w/ my hair in a ponytail on this page is
fitting, you're right. But it will be, soon. Also, I have a secret I've
kept from the world for years now, and you could say it comes
back to haunt me in this book
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