damian walker
Age: 21
Relationship Status: single, but who cares when you have Annie
Winslow as your bestie? ;)
Birthdate: 9/12/1987
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Residence: Sydney, Australia
World Ranking: 37
Height: 6'5
Plays: left-handed
Sponsor: K-Swiss
Racquet: Babolat Pure Drive GT
Hobbies: golf, volleyball, exploring new cities, going to the
beach, man-hunting ;)
Interesting Facts: I unintentionally came out before I was ready a
couple months ago when a pic was taken of me outside a gay
club in Paris w/ a guy. My family didn't know yet, but luckily
they've taken it really well, and I can finally be myself in front of
the media. So needless to say I'm loving life and living it up right
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