haidin bayliss
Age: 27
Relationship Status: you'll find out later w/ Aubrey Gage
Birthdate: 12/12/1981
Hometown: Adelaide, Australia
Residence: New York City, NY
World Ranking: 4
Height: 6'2
Plays: right-handed
Sponsor: Nike
Racquet: Prince O3 Speedport Black
Hobbies: winning
Interesting Facts: Since last fall, I had been hooking up w/ Hilton.
We were pretty good friends. But in February I also started hooking
up again w/ my ex, Aubrey. Hilton just found out last night, and
while I don't think it broke her heart by any means, I do feel a little
bad. The world doesn't know Aub and I are back together yet, but
they will soon.... The most important person in my life is my
grandpa, even though he's not alive anymore. He did so much
for me when I was a kid, and I could never repay him, so I do the
best I can through my tennis and the publishing company he left
me, Adelaide International. It's the company Hilton's publishing
her photography book through. And while I still miss my grandpa
every day, Aubrey and I found each other for a reason, and even
when we were broken up, in a way she was the most important
person in my life who's still alive.
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