hilton joliet
Age: 27
Relationship Status: single...but w/ hopefully some
possibility... :) (there's a guy I'm in love w/)
Birthdate: 7/17/1982
Hometown: Caldwell, IN
Residence: Hermosa Beach, CA...as soon as I drive there!!
YES!!!!!! =D
World Ranking: Game Set Match magazine's "best
photographer"...in the words of
Deidre ;)
Height: 5'6
Plays: at love?? lol...and tennis, or at least I used to when I
practiced w/
Haidin...I may need to find a new practice
partner from now on...
Sponsor: well, the PR firm Riesling and Wellesley is repping
me for my 1st photography book, which comes out in May!!
and my friend
Arden works for them, so I guess she can be
my sponsor :)
Racquet: Prince O3 Speedport Black (a present from my
bestie Haidin...lucky me)
Hobbies: photography, traveling, watching and playing
tennis, having a great time w/ my best friends, and working
on my book! =D
Interesting Facts: I just told one of my best guy friends,
Tanner, that I'm in love w/ him. A few nights ago, we kissed,
but he's not sure how he feels about me yet and I told him I
don't want to really try anything until he knows. My other
best guy friend is my ex
Luke. We were together for 7 years,
and he's driving to Cali with me but not moving there. He'll
still be in Indiana, and I'm so scared we'll drift apart. I'm
going to miss him like crazy. My
other best guy friend,
Haidin, well...I'm not really sure if we were ever friends at
all. Read the book to find out why. ;)
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