jill blake
Age: 26
Relationship Status: married to my best friend Todd Blake =D
Birthdate: 11/29/1982
Hometown: Brinkley, IN
Residence: Hermosa Beach, CA ... =D =D =D ... in a kickass
house only a few blocks from the BEACH!!!
World Ranking: hopefully soon to be one of the world's top
forensic psychologists...that is why Todd and I moved to the
LA area, after all, so I'd have a better shot at a job in jury
selection and psychological analysis of trial witnesses
Height: 5'4
Plays: w/ my daughter Adria and our cats Aspen and Cookie
Monster...and w/ Todd of course ;)
Sponsor: Hilton :) ... she takes me to Paris every May, at least :)
Racquet: what?? :)
Hobbies: doing anything w/ Adria and Todd, traveling,
Friends, watching crime shows and psychological
thrillers, reading, going to the beach!!! love that I can do that
anytime I want now! :)
Interesting Facts: Todd and I bought a house in LA and moved
here even though neither of us has jobs yet. Soooo...here's
hoping we find them soon, so we don't have to move back to
Indiana!! We just knew we had to do it when we found the
perfect house in a dream location. Also, Todd has been my
best friend since 9th grade and we have a tortured past. If
you don't know about it, you should read the
Spin the Bottle
series and Everything Happens for a Reason... :)
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