luke windler
Age: 27
Relationship Status: very single...feel like I haven't met anyone in
a loooong time
Birthdate: 7/1/1982
Hometown: Treyville, IN
Residence: Indianapolis, IN :( sad face b/c my 3 best friends
Hilton, Jill, and Todd just moved to California
World Ranking: the go-to lawyer for dissatisfied Indiana the book to find out why ;)
Height: 6'4
Plays: by myself, now that all my friends moved away...ha
Sponsor: law firm I guess?
Racquet: what I'd like to smack my most annoying client in the
face w/
Hobbies: uhhh...wondering what the hell I am going to do to fill
my time now that I don't know many people in Indy...I think I
need a dog
Interesting Facts: Near the beginning of the book, Hilton tells me
she has this feeling I'm going to be in
Game Set Match again.
Let's just say she's right...and by the middle of the book, she says
I'm more famous than her. Again, read to find out why ;)
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