milena novikova
Age: 27
Relationship Status: in a relationship w/ Leks Drovic (but I call her
Sasha) :)
Birthdate: 6/16/1982
Hometown: Vladivostok, Russia
Residence: Taos, New Mexico
World Ranking: singles: 8, doubles: 3 (w/ Sasha)
Height: 5'9
Plays: right-handed
Sponsor: Puma
Racquet: Babolat Pure Strike
Hobbies: listening to live music, playing guitar (not well!) :),
relaxing at our gorgeous house in Taos!, being goofy
Interesting Facts: I grew up in Russia and moved to Florida for
college. I went pro in 2004 and lived in Tampa until I met Sasha in
2005 and she sold me on the beauty of the Southwest! :) I love
New Mexico now...and her. :)
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