todd blake
Age: 26
Relationship Status: married to Jilly :)
Birthdate: 9/6/1982
Hometown: Caldwell, IN
Residence: Hermosa Beach,'s as awesome as it
World Ranking: next big celebrity trainer...HA. I think I am
destined to a life of having famous friends ;)
Height: 6'1
Plays: every sport imaginable...I'm a personal trainer
Sponsor: Jill's Aunt Marcy, without whose trust fund we would
not be living in Hermosa Beach
Racquet: something from the equipment room of the gym
where I work
Hobbies: hanging w/ my gorgeous wife and daughter, NOT
working out (since I do it all day at work), watching college
basketball and baseball, making people feel awkward ;),
watching the ridiculous TV shows Jill and
Hilton have gotten
me addicted to, goooosssshhhhh
Interesting Facts: Jilly and I are just living the dream.
Seriously...I couldn't ask for a better life. I'm in love w/ her, in
love w/ Adria, in love w/ our pets, our house, all of it. Oh, and
my mom is apparently doing online dating, which I am not in
love w/. At all
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