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best-kept secrets is the third novel
in the
spin the bottle series. it follows really
good friends
and wrong all along and is
about jill, hilton, lorylyn, hillary, dirk, bennett,
and todd's junior year in high school!
about the book

At the end of sophomore year, Jill, Hilton, and
Lorylyn made a pact to live their lives to the fullest
over the summer, and they set out to do exactly
that. As Brady and Brooke take a whirlwind tour
through Spain and Portugal, the girls, now honed
and accomplished liars, spend more and more
drunken nights at Landon's and feel less and less
guilty about deceiving their parents. Hilton's
relationship with Landon takes on a new intensity.
Jill, devastated by the gap between herself and
Todd that's been created by his relationship with
Melanie, gets caught up in a fast and reckless
summer fling with a flirtatious, charming boy. Lorylyn
struggles with her still very-present feelings for
Brady, and Hillary appears suddenly and
inexplicably bored with Dirk, although she claims it's
really no big deal.

While everyone outwardly parties the summer
away and puts on the pretense of being happy,
tumultuous forces with the power to change
everything are stirring and building behind the
scenes...Brady's constant thoughts of Lorylyn, Kara
and Andy's budding relationship, Melanie's growing
jealousy of Jill, and destructive, devastating secrets
kept by one person and by groups of people -
secrets no one else could even begin to imagine.
spin the bottle (the poem)
part 3

another summer, i hate her so much
she has everything i want
another pact, shots of captain, a new boy
i feel like a bad girl and i love it
something tells me to stop, we're going too fast
but i'm way too caught up to listen to that too

another school year, i still hate her
and he's so confusing, sometimes i hate him too
lonely nights, don't know what to do, everything's wrong
then finally back to good or better
but back to the same lies too
crazy parties, hot dates, basketball games
screaming so loud, losing my voice
i love being so mean to the other teams
we were all so invincible

well-played games, better-told lies, best-kept secrets...
if only we'd had any idea

     (to be continued...)
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