about me:
full name: tyler austin bennett
birthday: march 9, 1983
age: 17
grade: senior
hometown: caldwell
eyes: brown
hair: brown
activities: football, basketball, national honor society
best friends:  todd and dirk
girlfriend:  kelsey, or "kelsleigh" as i call her :)
crush: kels
obsessions: football and sports

favorite color: blue or green
favorite tv show: football games
favorite movie: i'm not really sure
favorite food: pizza, mexican
favorite thing to do: play football or basketball,
hang w/ kels or the guys or everybody

my theme song for senior year would be: "we rode
in trucks" by luke bryan

in my own words: i'm finally a senior baby! lol. last
year i played quarterback on the jv team and backup
in some varsity games...this year i should be starting
varsity. we also won state in basketball last year, hell
yeah! sports and kelsleigh are pretty much my main
interests in life right now...those and having fun w/ all
my friends...living it up senior year. kels is
great...gorgeous, smart, totally fun, and kinda goofy
;) i'm pretty smart, and i'm actually pretty outgoing
too, which i would say is somewhat of a change from
a couple years ago, i'm not as big of a flirt as todd or
dirk but i think i actually have become more of one
since i was a freshman...weird hadn't really thought
about that before.
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