about me:
full name: blake rose bishop
birthday: february 2, 1983
age: 17
grade: SENIOR baby!!! that means trouble! (like
there wasn't enough before) ;)
hometown: caldwell
eyes: blue
hair: light blonde, about shoulder-length, lots of
activities: football and basketball cheerleading
best friends:  tiffany and stacy!! they are my girls! ;)
sam, cassidy, kat, pretty much brooke and lindy
too...although i totally have something on them...they
might hate me eventually but oh well cuz they'll be
gone and i'll be ruling the school!!! ;););)
boyfriend:  reed :) we've been dating since prom
crush: reed of course ;)
obsessions: hot boys, partying, and something i
can't tell... ;) :)) (evil grin)

favorite color: pink
favorite tv show: 90210, melrose place, i should so
be on one of these shows...or wait, no, i should just
have a show about my own life cuz yeah it's that
fucking awesome and way more scandalous and
you'd all die to see what's about to happen this
summer ;)
favorite movie: lolita
favorite food: beer! hehe
favorite thing to do: party!! hook up w/ guys ;)

my theme song for senior year would be: "bitch"
by meredith brooks, "mambo no. 5" by lou bega, and
"back 2 good" by matchbox 20

in my own words: i'm a SENIOR now, i'm
17...almost legal!! ;) and i'm still HOTT as ever of
course!!! you know, blonde, blue eyes, etc. ;) i hang
out w/ a lot of older people, esp. my 2 best friends tiff
and stac, LOVE YOU BITCHES!!! and we are
bitches, that's for sure ;) so glad they're going to
school in logan so we can still party all the time!! my
boyfriend reed is gonna be a freshman in college
too...i think i just relate better to people a year or so
older than me cuz i'm a little ahead of some of the
losers my age. i've always been popular. my family
has like buttloads of money cuz my mom's a doctor
and my dad is the county prosecutor. my parents
think i'm a good girl but i'm definitely not ;) i can be
really manipulative (which is definitely a good
quality), and i'm a bitch too!! most girls are
intimidated by me cuz they're jealous of me. and i
have a secret you'd die if you knew...and trust me,
you and everybody else will know it soon enough :))
(that's my evil grin again)
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