about me:
full name: brady james cash
birthday: june 22, 1981
age: 18
grade: freshman in college
hometown: caldwell
eyes: brown
hair: black, curly, kinda long, about to my ears
activities: baseball...playin on basically a full ride to brekker
best friends:  landon, lorylyn, matt, kevin
girlfriend: lorylyn :D:D
crush: nobody but lor
obsessions: sex w/ lor?? lol ;)

favorite color: green
favorite tv show: baseball tonight
favorite movie: i don't know...probably an action or sports
favorite food: my mom's cooking
favorite thing to do: play baseball, hang w/ lor, party, hang
w/ the guys or everybody

my theme song for this year would be: "whatever it takes"
by lifehouse, "far away" by nickelback, and  "sorry" by

in my own words: i'm 18 and gonna be 19 in a couple
weeks. just graduated from bchs and i'm headed to brekker
in the fall to play baseball. i'm pretty stoked about that, can't
wait to play college ball. baseball has been my favorite sport
ever since i can remember. lorylyn and i got back together
this past year...and she is amazing. things between us are
amazing too. i still can't believe how lucky i am, and i will
always feel horrible about the shit i did the first 2 years of
our relationship. thank god i've grown up a little now, cuz
she deserves way better and i'm just happy she took me
back. everything kinda seems to be falling into place right
now...can't complain about much! i have an older bro
damon who lives in texas w/ his wife sadie, and they have a
daughter, alaina, and a little boy dylan. love my niece and
nephew to death. i'm pretty chill and i just like to party it up
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