about me:
full name: brooke richelle carlson
birthday: may 30, 1982
age: 18
grade: freshman in college
hometown: brinkley
eyes: brown
hair: brown, straight, long
activities: reigning homecoming queen, i guess... :/,
and working till spain's paid off, woohoo this is gonna
be the best fucking summer of my life!
best friend:  lindy
boyfriend: none...possibly a lil interested in jaden,
my prom date... :) ...we'll see where it goes this
crush: i'd say i have a little crush on jaden ;)
obsessions: bad memories...what ifs...
favorite color: red
favorite tv show: 90210, melrose place
favorite movie: dangerous liaisons
favorite food: grill out food, like hamburgers, chips,
favorite thing to do: hang out w/ lindy, robbie, and
jaden, or
ash and amy, which i will be getting to do a
lot more of here soon once spain is paid off, fuck
yeah!...and NOT be anywhere near my mom...even
work is better than that! can't WAIT to get the fuck
out of here and be in chicago!!!

my theme song for this year would be: "one step at
a time" by jordin sparks...totally w/ lindy on this one,
the story of our year...trying to get over shit one step
at a time, "boston" by augustana and "brick" by ben
folds five

in my own words: well last year was kinda the
WORST year of my life...got busted for drinking when
i'd only even drank 1 beer b/c i was pregnant, well
then i ended up having a miscarriage...oh and way
before that i broke up w/
brady cuz i realized he was
still in love w/
lorylyn and they ended up getting back
together...he doesn't even know i was pregnant w/
his baby and he never will...and my mom hates me.
oh and i have to work 2 jobs this summer to pay her
back for spain since i fucked everything up so bad.
but the 2 bright spots...i went to prom w/ jaden, who
is sooooo super sweet and i can tell he likes me, so
maybe when i get ungrounded we'll see what
happens... :) ...and the best part...in less than 3
months lindy and i are moving to CHICAGO!!!!!! i
cannot wait to be gone out of this shit town and be
going to college...it's gonna be a totally different
life...thank god!!!
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