about me:
full name: detter nathaniel colby
birthday: august 29, 1983
age: 16
grade: junior
hometown: caldwell
eyes: blue or blue-green
hair: blond, kinda messy
activities: football, baseball, student council
best friends: tyson, kyle, arden
girlfriend: limit myself to 1??? yeah right ;)
crush: lots...arden...jill..still think she's hot and we
always had a good time..others...i'm up for anything
obsessions: nothing really...girls? lol

favorite color: blue i guess, or red maybe
favorite tv show: sports, seinfeld
favorite movie: the sting
favorite food: steak, pizza
favorite thing to do: play football or baseball, party
or chill, hang out w/ friends, flirt around w/ girls,

my theme song for junior year would be: same as
last year, my life hasn't changed too much lol..."too
close" by next...love to dance w/ diff girls at dances
haha, "yeah!" by usher...just a good party/hookup

in my own words: i'll be a junior this year, finally an
upperclassman lol. i play football and baseball, i
probably like baseball better cuz it's less stress and
more fun. but i don't really get too stressed about
anything, ever. i'm pretty outgoing w/ everybody i
meet, i'll talk to anybody and i like to shock people a
little and say outrageous shit. i love to party, dance
w/ girls, chill w/ friends, whatever. i'm pretty
easygoing and girls tell me i'm a flirt (but they don't
have to tell me, i know it anyway)
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