about me:
full name: dirk daniel dodson
birthday: nov 13, 1982
age: 17
grade: senior
hometown: caldwell
eyes: brown
hair: light or medium brown
activities: basketball, baseball
best friends:  todd, bennett
girlfriend:  hillary (the hottest girl in school) ;)
crush: ....hill....
obsessions: hillary's body

favorite color: orange
favorite tv show: sportscenter
favorite movie: die hard
favorite food: pizza
favorite thing to do: hook up w/ hill, play sports, hang out w/

my theme song for senior year would be: "hard to say i'm
sorry" by chicago (mine and hill's song) "love in this club" by
usher...fuck yeah i wanna do hill in a club...or anywhere
public...that's kinda our thing :D

in my own words: i'm gonna be a senior..yeah yeah! high
school's been pretty fuckin sweet so far and i can't wait to live
up my last year and party w/ my friends. love my girlfriend
hillary...we've been together almost 3 years now and she's
gorgeous. we went through a little rough (aka dry) spell last
year but now the sex is better and crazier than ever so
whatever i guess :D i also love playing baseball and
basketball...bchs state bball champs 2000!!! i'm looking to
play some ball in college so we'll see what happens this year
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