about me:
full name: hillary grace andelin
birthday: june 10, 1983
age: 16, basically 17...i'm so young for my class :(
grade: SENIOR, that's right! ;)
hometown: brinkley
eyes: green
hair: long, blonde, sometimes wear it wavy,
sometimes straight
activities: football and basketball cheerleading,
national honor society
best friends:  jill, lor, and hilton!
boyfriend:  dirk!! :D
crush: dirk of course! ;)
obsessions: sex ;)...and wondering if i had a
miscarriage a couple years ago... :/ ...i haven't even
told anybody but i still think about it all the time...

favorite color: bright pink
favorite tv show: friends, 90210
favorite movie: my best friend's wedding
favorite food: fettuccini alfredo from margherita's!
favorite thing to do: have sex! hehehe, hang out w/
dirk, have storytime w/ my girls, party @

my theme song for senior year would be: "into the
ocean" by blue october, "hard to say i'm sorry" by
chicago, "there you'll be" by faith hill, and "forever
young" by alphaville

in my own words: i turn 17 in a few days and can't
believe my friends and i are gonna be SENIORS this
year!!! hell yeah, KICK ASS!!! watch out
underclassmen! ;) i am still w/ dirk, it has been over
two and a half years now!! i was getting kinda bored
w/ him for a while last year, but w/ all the shit that
went down i am just sooooo relieved to have him...i
am so lucky!! it drives me crazy wondering if we had
a miscarriage though, and i really think i did, it's like i
just know it somehow. so i just try not to think about it
and just focus on how amazing things (sex) ... (and
other things too!) are between us now! ;) :D

me and lor and jill have known each other forever,
and i love hilton too. i go to florida w/ jill's fam every
year for spring break. i have a younger sister
and she is such a bratty little bitch. i hate that she's
gonna be a freshman this year, yuck. um, that's
about it! :D
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