about me:
full name: hilton autumn joliet
birthday: july 17, 1982
age: 17
grade: senior
hometown: caldwell
eyes: brown, sort of like caramel
hair: dark blonde, light brown, something like that,
pretty long, sometimes i wear it wavy and sometimes
activities: football and basketball cheerleading,
tennis, student council, national honor society
best friends:  jill, lorylyn, hillary, lindy
boyfriend:  landon :D
crush: landon has been my crush since
kindergarten and i am so lucky...things are amazing!
obsessions: storytime w/ jill :), landon's parties,
landon in general and how unbelievably incredible
of a boyfriend he is :D

favorite color: blue
favorite tv show: friends, 90210
favorite movie: dirty dancing
favorite food: anything don pablos...i don't know if i
could pick one favorite thing
favorite thing to do: lay out at jill's pool, go to
landon's parties, hang out w/ jill and the girls, play
tennis, hang out w/ landon!

my theme song for senior year would be: "over
you" by daughtry, "not my time" by 3 doors down,
"blurry" by puddle of mudd, "no matter what" by
boyzone...and of course "the bad touch" by the
bloodhound gang ;)

in my own words: i am 17 and will be 18 this
summer. i'm so excited for this summer w/ my
friends and landon...but i'm not excited for it to end.
landon is going to college 6 1/2 hours away, and i
know we'll last, but it's just sad to think about being
apart next year. we'll both be busy...so i guess we'll
see each other when we can...but for now i'm not
gonna think about that, i'm just gonna make the
most of this summer! :D

i am really laid-back and easygoing, i just wanna
have fun!! i am really outgoing and always up for a
good time. i have some of the best friends in the
world...jilly and lor and hill and lindy...and
bennett, dirk, and brady...love all of them!! it's
gonna be a crazy amazing year! (w/ hopefully lots of
todd and jill and hardly any of
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