about me:
full name: jill elizabeth sherer
birthday: nov 29, 1982
age: 17...can't believe i'm gonna be 18 this year...so
grade: senior
hometown: brinkley
eyes: brown
hair: brown, straight, just past shoulder-length with
some layers (it's only curly here cuz it was one of my
senior pics)
activities: football cheerleading, gymnastics, student
council, national honor society
best friends:  hilton, lorylyn, hillary, and todd :) and
kelsey too...and of course my fake best friend
melanie! :) ;aobnvubrq94ubgq78v!!! (my and kels's
way of computer barfing...hehehe)
boyfriend: none...:(
crush: todd!!...i can't believe he and freaking mel are
back together......and
detter cuz i still love our v-day
thing ;)
obsessions: friends, dawson's creek, the 1920s, todd
and how he could possibly be so into melanie!! ugh! :(

favorite color: blue
favorite tv show: friends, dawson's creek
favorite movie: the little mermaid, my best friend's
except i hate the ending of my best friend's
..he should've been w/ julia roberts!!
favorite food: pizza, taco bell
favorite thing to do
: go to landon's, hang out w/
todd...w/o mel around!, lay out w/ hilton, lorylyn, and
hillary, go to cedar point or fort myers beach, or do

my theme song for senior year would be: "i'd lie" by
taylor swift (same as the last 3 years...) and
"teardrops on my guitar" by taylor also, "crazy for you"
by madonna (reminds me of detter and dances ;) ), "i
wanna be w/ you" by mandy moore, the
friends theme
song...i could go on and on...

in my own words: i am 17 and just finished my junior
year @ bchs. i can't believe i'm gonna be a senior this
year...totally crazy. i am so not ready for high school
to end...i'm starting to get really worried about
whether todd and melanie will stay together in college
and where todd will go to school...i want him to go to
dale w/ me and hilton sooooo bad...aaagghhh!! and i
loooove high school, so i don't want all my fun times
w/ my friends to be over! so i am just gonna try to
make the most of this year and hope it goes by pretty
slow!! AND hope that todd and mel break up so i can
spend more time w/ him and we can get even closer. :/

i am ready for another fun summer w/ my friends!!!
and i'm so excited we can party at landon's
again...YAY!! should be lots of drama ;)

i have a little sister,
winnie, and she can be annoying
but i like her most of the time, and a little brother

, he is a pain most of the time but cracks me up
sometimes too...he and his friends are such dorks. i
am about 5'4 w/ dark brown hair and brown eyes. i
used to be kinda shy but i definitely don't think i am
as much anymor
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