about me:
full name: lindy anne brooks
birthday: jan 11, 1982
age: 18
grade: freshman in COLLEGE! :D
hometown: brinkley
eyes: brown
hair: long, blond, straight, a few layers
activities: soon to be being a college student! ;) but
for the summer...wakeboarding and skiing @
best friends:  brooke, landon, robbie, hilton
boyfriend: none...just enjoying hangin w/ robbie and
landon and all my other guy friends
obsessions: junk food! being on the lake

favorite color: green or purple
favorite tv show: 90210
favorite movie: pretty woman, top gun
favorite food: mostly all junk food...donuts, cookies,
anything chocolate, candy...
favorite thing to do: girls nights w/ brooke,
wakeboard or waterski w/ landon, play tennis, do
gymnastics, party w/ my friends

my theme song for this year would be: "otherside"
by the red hot chili peppers, "one step at a time" by
jordin sparks, "what hurts the most" by rascal flatts,
"come on get higher" by matt nathanson

in my own words: i'm 18, and after this summer i'll
be a freshman @ uic!!! (univ. of ill. @ chicago) i'm
going to school w/ my best friend since preschool,
brooke, and i can't wait, we're gonna have SO MUCH
FUN!!! :D thanks to brooke and robbie and all my
other friends, this year has been a BLAST!! i'm
excited for another summer on the lake and hanging
out w/ everybody all summer...then school! i'm really
laid-back and try to stay away from drama (although
brooke seems to bring it wherever she goes ;) ) i love
hanging out w/ my friends and just having a good
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