about me:
full name: lorylyn olivia porter
birthday: june 12, 1983
age: 16, 17 on monday!
grade: senior
hometown: brinkley
eyes: brown
hair: black, straight, about shoulder-length
activities: football cheerleading, gymnastics,
student council, national honor society
best friends:  jill, hillary, and hilton...and brady :)
boyfriend: BRADY!!! :):):) we are back together and
it is way better than it ever was before!! yay! :)
crush: brady of course, hehe :)
obsessions: brady, my friends, my tv shows :)
favorite color: purple
favorite tv show: friends, dawson's creek
favorite movie: dirty dancing
favorite food: brownies, cookies, cake, any junk
food! hehe
favorite thing to do: lay out in jill's pool, be hyper
at gymnastics w/ jill hehe! and go to cedar point for
mine and hillary's bdays, party @
landon's, and just
hang out w/ all my friends and w/ brady! and sex!
hehe ;)

my theme song for senior year would be: i have a
lot! "some hearts" by carrie underwood, "careless
whisper" by wham!, "again" by janet jackson, "show
me the meaning of being lonely" by bsb, "all out of
love" by air supply, "better in time" by leona lewis,
and "here's to the night" by eve 6

in my own words: i just finished my junior year at
bchs, and it was definitely my best year of high
school so far!!! :):) i got back together w/ brady, who
i thought all along was "the one"...and ever since we
got back together this time things have been on a
whole different level (well for one thing we had sex
hehe ;) ) ... but all the bad stuff from the past
doesn't even bother me at all anymore and it seems
sooooo long ago. i'm so excited for this summer and
hanging out w/ the girls and partying at
landon's...it's gonna be so much fun!!! and i get to
go college-visiting w/ brady!! ;) then in the fall he's
going to brekker and i'm somewhat sad he'll be
gone, but i'm so pumped to go visit him at
school...and i'm starting to get pretty excited for
when i'm in college too!!
i am really short, like 5'1, and i am kinda shy, i used
to be really shy esp. around guys, but i think i'm not
so much anymore. :) i am usually really upbeat and
almost always in a good mood, i love to smile and
i have one little brother,
ethan, and he is ok, i just try
to ignore him and his friends most of the time. :) but
he can be funny too :)
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