about me:
full name: melanie amanda pharrell
birthday: may 11, 1984
age: 16
grade: junior
hometown: brinkley
eyes: blue-green ;)
hair: blonde, between chin and shoulder length,
activities: cross-country, swimming, track...i LOVE to
run!!!, student council
best friends:  devin...kelsey and jill can bite me...and
all kelsey's other stupid friends that used to be my
friends too >:O
boyfriend:  todd!!! :D he is SO HOT!!! (still!) and i am
SO happy we're back together, yay!!! :D:D:D
crush: todd of course! hehe.
obsessions: pissing off jill, stupid bitch!

favorite color: pink and blue-green (like my eyes,
hehe ;) )
favorite tv show: 90210, full house
favorite movie: cinderella, my best friend's wedding,
cuz he picks his girlfriend/fiancee in the end, NOT his
best friend!! hehehe lmao ;)
favorite food: um, i am kind of picky, but maybe
cookies? i will eat any kind of those :)
favorite thing to do: RUN!! and hang out w/ todd of
course and devin! and do anything to piss off jill or
make her jealous!! i hope she's jealous anyway and i
hope todd stops being best friends w/ her and has that
w/ me instead!!

my theme song for junior year would be: "the boy is
mine" by brandy and monica!!, and still "the little
things" by colbie caillat too...:)

in my own words: i just turned 16 and i'll be a junior
this year! i have the HOTTEST boyfriend TODD!!! :D
we are back together after being broken up for a few
months, and i basically couldn't be happier! :)
especially now that prom is over!!! (he went w/ jill,
UGH!) but whatever, cuz now it's the summer and he
and i will get to be together the whole time!! i feel so
bad for him though cuz his parents are getting
divorced :(. that is another issue w/ jill too...she was
the first one he freaking told about the divorce and
everything that happened. but hopefully this summer
i'll be able to be there for him, cuz i've been through it
and i know what it's like...i hope he'll open up to me
some more. i like him
so much. i can't stand jill, i wish
she'd just fall off the face of the earth, and i really
really can't stand kelsey anymore, she's like jill and
jill's friends' new little!?! WHATEVER...well
anyway...i live w/ my dad and i have 2 sisters,
who just finished her freshman year of college, and
destiny who will be a freshman in high school, ugh she
is so annoying, i'm so not thrilled to go to the same
school as her again!!! i like jess though, i'm glad to
have my running buddy back for the summer! hehe :)  
and my best friend now that kelsey's become a little
backstabber is her!! she's somewhat of a
bitch like me ;) and she's not stuck up jill's ass!
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