about me:
full name: todd andrew blake
birthday: sept 6, 1982
age: 17
grade: senior
hometown: caldwell
eyes: brown
hair: light brown, long (but not as long as it used to be...i
don't really have that surfer look anymore i guess)
activities: basketball, baseball, national honor society
best friends:  dirk, bennett, jill
girlfriend:  melanie...back together again...here's to things
going a little better this time...i think they will
crush: mel...she actually was my crush for a while before
we ever went on our first date and i guess i never really
stopped liking her when we were broken up, i guess i just
had to get past being pissed at her
obsessions: um i don't know that i really have any
obsessions...sports i guess, teasing jill ;)

favorite color: blue
favorite tv show: i don't watch that much tv except for
sports so any sports i guess, esp. baseball or basketball,
and i pretty much love
friends now cuz jill's got me into it,
pretty hilarious what can i say
favorite movie: caddyshack
favorite food: pizza, taco bell
favorite thing to do: play sports, hang out w/ friends,
hang out w/ mel

my theme song for senior year would be: "the thunder
rolls" by garth brooks (cuz of my asshole
dad), "get it on
tonite" by montell jordan...LMAO this is mel bein jealous of
jill and how i sometimes can't stand bein around mel's
friends...and "margaritaville" by jimmy buffett :D

in my own words: just finished junior year, gonna be a
senior finally. continuing w/ the baseball god
status...pretty sure i'll be closer of the year and a starting
pitcher next year...aka
the starting pitcher. lol
jk...well...maybe. still playing basketball too...can't really
quit after you've won state!! (although i didn't even play
that much...but oh well haha.) i'm pretty smart but i don't
put a lot of effort into it, i just wanna have a good time and
goof around w/ my friends. i'm a flirt, w/ my girl friends at
least, but that's just my personality, i think it's fun to tease
them haha. i will admit it causes some trouble w/ mel...but
i know how to handle her now ;) lol and she always gets
over it. we're back together after a few months apart and i
think it was a good break, we needed it, and i think things
are gonna be different and better this time. in other ways it
wasn't a great end of the year...i found out my fucking
prick dad was cheating on my
mom so that fucking
sucked. i feel terrible for my mom and i don't really know
how to help so that makes me feel even worse. i've only
told jill and mel, and i really don't know what's gonna
happen, but my mom filed for divorce. so i guess i have to
wait and see...but other than that i'm pretty pumped for
the summer and for senior year...i just hope things turn
out ok for my mom and me
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