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high school
game over is the fourth and final novel
in the
spin the bottle series. it follows really
good friends, wrong all along
, and
best-kept secrets and is about jill, hilton,
lorylyn, hillary, dirk, bennett, and todd's senior
year in high school!
about the book

The summer before senior year. Lazy afternoons in Jill's
pool, an all-out TP-ing war, wild parties at Landon's.
Hillary is more into Dirk than ever, and even though
this summer is bittersweet for Hilton and Lorylyn
because of Landon's and Brady's imminent
departures, both girls agree their relationships are the
best they've ever been. Not everything is perfect
though...Todd's parents' divorce is turning nastier by
the day, and Jill desperately clings to increasingly
infrequent moments with him as his bond with Melanie
grows more intense.

As hot sunny days roll into warm breezy nights, the
date that's been set for months draws closer and
closer...the night of the goodbye party. The circle of
friends has been coming to Landon's for three years to
dance, drink, skinny-dip, and play spin the bottle, and
on August 18, it will happen for the last time. And it's
going to be the biggest and craziest and best party
of all...

Or so they think. For at this party, the shattering secret
that has been kept hidden for three years will finally
be revealed, in an unforeseeable moment that will
rock the lives of everyone who's been a regular at
Landon's over the years. It will destroy their beliefs,
perceptions, and illusions, and it will break the circle
forever. And as the ex-seniors go off to college, Jill,
Hilton, Lorylyn, Hillary, Todd, Dirk, and Bennett are left
to pick up the pieces and try to salvage their senior
spin the bottle (the poem)
part 4

...well-played games, better-told lies, best-kept secrets
if only we'd had any idea
funny how a moment of realization could change everything

i feel like things meant so much less to him than they did to me
i guess maybe i never knew him at all
and she still loves him, she says she knows it's right
and i still love him, but i feel like it's wrong
how did we end up here?

looking back we never would've said
that pact would only last a month
it's been so long, we've come so far
it's almost done, we're almost gone
it's so crazy to think about

please don't forget me, don't forget what we are
i'll remember you, and i'll remember the scars
and now it's that morning, time to leave
and everything i lost is yours to keep

spin the bottle
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