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The spin the bottle series takes place before
Everything Happens for a Reason... and is the story of
Jill, Hilton, and Todd in high school, as well as the story
of their high school friends. You can read this series
before or after reading
Everything Happens for a

series description

For Jill Sherer, high school's shaping up to be better
than she could've imagined. From the first week of
cheerleading practice, she and her best friends Hillary
and Lorylyn are included in a circle of popular girls who
open the door to a world of exciting social possibilities.
And on the first day of school, Jill meets Todd - hot,
smart, funny, athletic, and a flirt - the boy of her

But things with Todd don't go as Jill had hoped, she
and Hillary drift apart, and her circle of friends is
shaken because of Lorylyn's new boyfriend. Desperate
to get things back to the way they were, Jill, along
with her new best friend Hilton - a gorgeous, intriguing
girl who is the link between her old friends and her
new ones - anxiously awaits the one thing that never
changes...Landon Kessler's parties.

There, on a lake outside town, everyone comes
together time after time for dancing, drinking,
skinny-dipping, and spin the bottle. Spin the
bottle...the game that leads to new loves, bitter
jealousies, betrayals, and breakups. The game that
teasingly draws the circle of friends together, only to
rip them apart in unforeseeable ways. But they keep
coming back, some with hope, some with
malevolence, some with amused interest, to be part
of the saga that unfolds over three years. Until finally,
at Landon's last party, the shattering secret is
revealed that breaks the circle forever. And as
Landon and his friends go off to college, Jill, Hilton,
Lorylyn, Hillary, and Todd are left to pick up the pieces
and try to salvage their senior year.
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spin the bottle (the poem)
parts 1, 2, & 3

a pact to always stick together in high school
the first party at the lake
"hey, we should play spin the bottle," she said
and so it all began

the beautiful girls, so sure of themselves
they could get anything they wanted
the gorgeous boys, so funny and tan
one look, one smile, they totally had you

losing old friends, making new ones
love at first sight, the boy of my dreams
everyone called us "really good friends"
he didn't know i wanted so much more

summers of sun, cedar point
laying out, more parties at the lake
best friends with the boys of their dreams
charming boys who said all the right things

i had that gut instinct all along
told me it was all too good to last
but i ignored it and
fell harder and harder instead...

another summer, i hate her so much
she has everything i want
another pact, shots of captain, a new boy
i feel like a bad girl and i love it
something tells me to stop, we're going too fast
but i'm way too caught up to listen to that too

another school year, i still hate her
and he's so confusing, sometimes i hate him too
lonely nights, don't know what to do, everything's wrong
then finally back to good or better
but back to the same lies too
crazy parties, hot dates, basketball games
screaming so loud, losing my voice
i love being so mean to the other teams
we were all so invincible

well-played games, better-told lies, best-kept secrets...
if only we'd had any idea

   (to be continued...)
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