about me:
full name: brooke richelle carlson
birthday: may 30, 1982
age: 15
grade: sophomore
hometown: brinkley
junior high: bj
eyes: brown
hair: brown, straight, long
activities: football and basketball cheerleading,
spanish club
best friends:  lindy
boyfriend: none, but hopefully brady soon ;)
crush: brady
obsessions: brady and hot guys in general

favorite color: red
favorite tv show: 90210, melrose place
favorite movie: dangerous liaisons
favorite food: grill out food, like hamburgers, chips,
favorite thing to do: hang out w/ lindy, landon, and

my theme song for sophomore year would be:
"the boy is mine" by monica and brandy and
"insensitive" by jann arden

in my own words: i'm 15 and i will be a sophomore
at bchs this year, and right now things are going
awesome!! i can't wait to start cheerleading again. i
really like this guy brady, we met in class last year
and he's sooo hot, i have been spending most of the
summer hanging out w/ him and my best friend lindy
and brady's best friend landon. this summer has
been a total blast. i love to shop, and i am really
outgoing. i am a good friend, but if i don't like you, i
can be a bitch, so watch out. ;) oh, and i'm hot too :)
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