about me:
full name: hilton autumn joliet
birthday: july 17, 1982
age: 15
grade: freshman
hometown: caldwell
junior high: caldwell
eyes: brown, sort of like caramel
hair: dark blonde, light brown, something like that,
usually wear it in loose waves
activities: football and basketball cheerleading,
best friends: not really one best friend, a lot of girls
in junior high were so gossipy and cliquey, so i tried
to just be friends w/ everybody, my closest friends
are probably
cassidy, lindy, and brooke
boyfriend: none
crush: landon
obsessions: landon kessler (i guess you could call
it an obsession, i've pretty much liked him since
elementary school), landon's parties

favorite color: blue
favorite tv show: friends, 90210
favorite movie: dirty dancing
favorite food: anything don pablos...i don't know if i
could pick one favorite thing
favorite thing to do: play tennis, go to landon's

my theme song for freshman year would be: "why
not" by hilary duff and "the gambler" by kenny
rogers (cuz i love to take crazy chances and be
random and just see what happens) and
"faded" by
soul decision
the celeb who looks most like me and should
play me in a movie would be:
sienna miller

in my own words: i just turned 15 and am about to
start high school. i'm so excited, cuz a lot of my
friends were freshmen last year, so now i'll be in
school w/ them again. i am really laid-back and
easygoing, and i just wanna have fun. i love hanging
out w/ guys cuz girls can be bitches, but i do have
some girlfriends too. i think it's pretty easy to read
guys and tell when they like girls and stuff. the guy i
really like, landon, i am pretty good friends w/ and
have been for a couple years now, but i think he
sees me as more of a little sister than a girlfriend,
blah. oh well, who knows what freshman year will
bring!!! i can't wait. i am really outgoing and always
up for a good time
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