about me:
full name: landon matthew kessler
birthday: june 27, 1981
age: 16
grade: sophomore
hometown: caldwell
junior high: caldwell
eyes: blue
hair: dark blond, kinda long
activities: football, basketball, baseball
best friends:  brady, matt, kevin, lindy
girlfriend: none
crush: none, changes from day to day
obsessions: sports, including lake/water sports

favorite color: orange
favorite tv show: any sports
favorite movie: hoosiers
favorite food: burger king, mcdonald's
favorite thing to do: be out on the lake, play basketball,

my theme song for sophomore year would be: "six
pack summer" by phil vassar

in my own words: i'm a sophomore and i already have
my license which is sweet. my parents have a kickass lake
cottage so i have parties there all the time, they know and
they don't even care, they just stay clear of the place. my
older bro corey buys the beer for us, and it's always a
good time.
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