Brinkley-Caldwell High School
601 Charger Dr.
Brinkley, IN

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Current School Year: 2000-2001
Welcome to Brinkley-Caldwell High School, located in Brinkley, Indiana, just 45 minutes north/northeast of Logan, Indiana, and 2 hours north of Indianapolis. BCHS was founded in 1926 and serves the communities of Brinkley and Caldwell. The first graduating class, in 1927, consisted of 29 students. Today, BCHS enrolls approximately 2000 students in grades 9-12. Please feel free to take a look around the site, and thank you for your support of the BCHS Chargers!
                                                     ~Doug G. Madden, Principal

Doug Madden - Principal
Barbara Clarksdale - Assistant Prinicpal
Jeffrey Hooper - Assistant Principal
Gordon Preston - Dean of Students
Jackie Flannagan - Administrative Secretary
Rebecca Dean - Administrative Secretary

Class of 2001: Zach Jacobs (A-L), Jeanna Weber (M-Z)
Class of 2002: Yvonne Clancy (A-L), Ed Garrison (M-Z)
Class of 2003: Jack O'Malley (A-L), Caroline Kirts (M-Z)
Class of 2004: Laura Miller (A-L), Henry Vaughn (M-Z)
Counseling Secretary: Jodi Lappell
BC 1997-1998 Academic Calendar
BCHS Bell Schedules
           Block 8
    Green Day
/Gold Day
Brinkley-Caldwell is on Block 8 scheduling. We have alternating green days and gold days, with 4 90-minute class periods each day. Students take 7 classes, and last period every gold day, everyone in the school has Student Resource Time (SRT). During SRT, clubs meet, students can visit other teachers for help with homework, meet in groups to work on group projects, or work on homework in their assigned SRT classrooms.  Please see our bell schedules for information about the daily schedule, as well as for information about the delay schedule, early dismissal days, finals week, and green/gold-day-combined days. Please see the academic calendar to know when these special days will take place this school year.
Character Class Schedules 1997-98
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Character Class Schedules
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BC 1998-1999 Academic Calendar
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